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Varna, Vetrino

Historical Park

Historical Park
9223 Neofit Rilski Village

International Ancient and Medieval Festival “NEW BEGINNING” 2021.

From the 18th to the 20th of June 2021, “Historical Park” will host the International Ancient and
Medieval Festival “NEW BEGINNING“.

There will be reconstitutions and reenactments of the way of life, customs, culture and warfare of the people living in our lands, from the Antiquity and the glorious times of the Thracians, until the fall of Medieval Bulgaria at the end of XIVth century.

The event starts at 11.00 on the 18th of June. During the next two days, the program will include :
• Traditional archery tournament
• Medieval fencing tournament
• Demonstrations of medieval armour and defensive equipment
• Reenactment of great moments of history