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Kvemo Kartli, Dmanisi

Dmanisi Museum-Reserve – Georgian National Museum

FreeFriday 17 June

Patara Dmanisi Village, Dmanisi district, Georgia

Get closer to science and visit the Dmanisi Museum-Reserve, 85 km to the southwest of Tbilisi-a unique place featuring stunning discoveries that are rewriting human history and transforming our view of human evolution. Recent finds in Dmanisi represent the oldest evidence of humans discovered outside of Africa, dating back 1.8 million years.

Comprising both the ruins of a medieval city and the prehistoric archaeological site, visitors can enjoy guided tours of the picturesque fortress and ruins that cover the ancient deposits, and watch archaeologists excavate new discoveries.

Guided tour

Guided tour

Archaeological Studies of Medieval Towns

The students will be able to visit and explore the archaeological site in Dmanisi. The scientist-archaeologist will lead them to the wonderful tour around the site and give them insight into the archaeology of medieval towns.


Friday 17 June de 11:00 à 16:00


Schoolchildren :

Secondary school (11-15 years)

Press contact:

Nino Bakanidze Nana Liluashvili


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