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Iter Romanum. Braga

Acesso grátisSexta-feira, 17 de junho, Sábado, 18 de junho, Domingo, 19 de junho

Iter romanum allows a journey from the large towns and roads to quiet byways where the travelling speed slows down and we can stop in villages, on bridges, passes, at military camps and monuments that symbolised the power of Rome and still maintain their place in the landscape.

Iter Romanum is a proposal to discover the roman remains of the following destinations:

Ville d’Arlon (Belgium)
Ruta Vía de la Plata (Spain)
MuséoParc Alésia (France)
Aquileia (Italy)
Braga (Portugal)
Sirmium (Serbia)

Circuito de descoberta

Circuito de descoberta


Commemorative activity of the "European Archaeology Days", where participants will be challenged to find small replicas of archaeological artifacts, related to the archaeological museum site in reference. At the end they will be presented with a felt bulla, in which the pieces discovered in the meantime will be placed, and a certificate of participation.

Acesso grátis

Domingo, 19 de junho de 09:30 à 17:00

Sábado, 18 de junho de 09:30 à 17:00


Contacto imprensa :

Marta Muñoz

+34 985 18 51 89

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    Braga. Termas
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    Braga. Domus

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